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If there is anything my parents prioritized when I was a child, it was literacy and the love of a good story. My tastes have grown from seeking out any picture book featuring a puppy, through YA fiction, to loving all manner of books from fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, and fantasy. What hasn't changed is a love of reading and sharing stories. 


When I was little, writing meant jotting down long fantastical tales with no clear ending featuring my own (heinous) illustrations. In High School, it meant being fortunate enough to attend writing workshops in Italy and Ireland with National Geographic, posting to blogs, and keeping journals full of poetry and short stories. Now I am working on my debut novel! Stay tuned!


My love for the subject of leadership runs deep. I have been studying the subject for the past 10 years and presenting lectures, workshops, and courses on the subject for the past 7. I am most interested in how we can engage in the practice of leadership in ways that are meaningful, vulnerable, powerful, and empowering. I have my certificates in Event Management Operations and Programming Planning, a degree in gendered politics, and a wealth of experience reading and learning about and practicing leadership. I have headed several not-for-profit programs engaged in providing workshops and mentorship to youth and have presented at national and provincial conferences as well as through the United Nations, University of Alberta, and Rotary International. 

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