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Hey Y'all! My name is Katie MacLean and I am currently writing my debut novel while I work as a public speaker in the field of leadership and advocacy!

Stay tuned for details of upcoming releases and scheduled talks!


On the blog, you can find excerpts of writing and short stories. I sometimes post breakdowns for key themes in my work based on my degree and research in intersectional gender-based politics as well as empathy and gratitude based servant-leadership. You can also find a segment I'm calling"Deep Dive Wednesdays"! Deep Dive Wednesdays are a series of sporadic blog posts that examine popular culture including books, movies, and TV shows. Together, we will ask the big questions about what is and should be. We will explore how the media we consume influences both our perceptions and behaviour to help make sense of what is right and if it matters. 

If you like what you see please follow me on Instagram! If you have ideas of topics you would like to see examined on Deep Dive Wednesday, drop me a line! Want to see more types of content like book reviews, writing tips, leadership content, advocacy, videos, or more? Let me know!

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